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Man is the noblest of all created beings in the Mother Nature. Body, Prana and Mind is the vehicle of Soul leading towards its life goal of Perfect divinity. Our Philosophical text ‘Bhagavat Gita’ describes body as temple-“Idham Shareeram Kshethram”.If our body, prana and mind are in harmony with the nature, we would have good health.

Body, Prana (Vital Energy) and Mind-The Vehicle of Soul-Body, Prana and Mind should be kept clean for the smooth journey of life. The impurities/damage in this system leads to blockage of the journey and we encounter with numerous problems of deceases, stress, imbalances, sadness etc. The current life style and food habit which is far away from Nature is the main reason for all these problems. The polluted earth, water and air increase its intensity.

We here in Ayurveda Yoga Villa addresses all these problems in a scientific way combining all necessary elements to have a solution for the current problems and make it practical for a better healthy life.

Sandhya Vandana is the salutation at the conjunction points. The divine presence descends into the external nature in five different timings of ‘Brahma Muhurta’(3-30AM), Sunrise, Noon, Sunset and at Midnight.

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The Brahmamuhurtha is the last quarter of night -any where between 3.30 am to 5.30 am It is the time where the sun and moon in nature is in such a way that there is physiological changes happens in the human system

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Our Scientific and Holistic Approach

Nurturing Soil

We begin our journey from Mother Earth Our Ancient text Ayurveda says-“We are what we Eat”. Food materials are grown in our orchard with manure and urine of indigenous cows from our Goshala. It is scientifically proven that indigenous cow dung and urine has a very high concentration of micro-organism that helps nurture healthy soil and therefore healthy plants.

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Ayurvedic Diet

Ancient text of Ayurveda says”Food is medicine when consumed properly”. Food is prepared using organic food material from our own orchard. We prepare and serve food with right intention and prayer to nurture body, prana and mind. Customized foods are served after ayurvedic consultation for each .....

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Cleansing of Body, Prana and Mind

Traditional and authentic ayurvedic treatments and medicines are followed here under highly qualified ayurvedic professionals. The customized and effective ayurvedic treatment will detoxify and rejuvenate the body.

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Revitalising Body,Prana and Mind

Yoga sessions and Kalari Martial arts practices will reenergize and strengthen the body. It also improvises our focus towards awareness, mindfulness, consciousness, an altogether new approach towards the way of life.

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Spiritual advancement for our Soul’s fulfillment

Cleansed and vitalized body, prana and mind will awaken and nourish the good qualities of Soul and starts journey towards the higher consciousness which is the supreme aim of human life. We introduce an insight into the call and will of time and its new age dharma, the way of life based on “Dharmasutras” for the eternal wellbeing.

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Kalaripayuttu – the Martial Art

Kalari is a traditional psycho-physiological discipline emanating from Kerala’s unique mytho-historical heritage and considered to be the oldest form of physical training in human history. The earliest mention of Kalari can be traced back to the Dhanur Vedic texts dating back to 3000 BC and Vishnu Puruna, which describes Kalari as one of eighteen branches of knowledge.

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Taking Yoga Beyond
The Mat Training

  • 1. Yoga Session (Early Morning)
  • 2. Sun gazing
  • 3. Sunrise Homam
  • 4. Yoga Session with Yoga Sutra Class
  • 5. Daily Ayurvedic Consultation & Massage
  • 6. Organic Vegetable Breakfast
  • 7. Learn Powerful Sanskrit Mantras and insight into the ‘Dharma sutra’-the new age dharma
  • 8. Organic Farm Visit and Awareness Classes
  • 9. Indigenous Gosala (Cattle Farm) Visit and Introduction
  • 10. Organic Vegetable Lunch
  • 11. Herbal Pharmacy Visit and Awareness Classes
  • 12. Yoga Nidra – Pranayama – Meditation
  • 13. Introduction to ancient martial art ‘Kalari’
  • 14. Evening Yoga
  • 15. Farm to Table Approach
  • 16. Sun gazing
  • 17. Evening Homam and Chanting
  • 18. Organic Vegetable Dinner

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